Real-Time Review Site Monitoring

The system “watches” all the top review and directory sites and provides you with real-time updates when a new review is found. This keeps you on top of your online reputation and provides an opportunity to address reviews, especially the not-so-good ones.

Monthly Summary Reports

You’ll receive monthly summary reports of all the activity from your reputation efforts.

Unlimited Review Request Campaigns

The core of the Advanced and the Domination packages is an automated system that will send e-mails to your customers, clients, and patients asking for reviews and feedback. As a subscriber you’ll receive some suggestions as to “best practices” but you’ll be able to send out review requests on any schedule you desire.

Private Review Portal

Another key feature of the system is that when a customer, client, or prospects clicks on the link in the e-mail and leaves a review this goes into a private review portal. This helps keep bad reviews from even getting posted online in the first place as often a dissatisfied customer just wants to be heard. You’ll receive immediate notice of all reviews that are placed in the private review portal and this give you the opportunity to respond quickly to bad reviews.

Customizable “Thank You” Page

When a customer, client, or patient leave a good review in the private review portal they will be taken to a page that will thank them for the review with both text as well as a “thank you” video. The reviewer will be asked if they would help you by sharing the good review on one of the public review sites and will be given links to three sites (typically Google, Facebook, and Yelp) where they can click, log in, and then copy-and-paste the review.

Customizable “Apology” Page

If the customer, client, or patient leaves a bad review instead of being taken to the “Thank You” page and asked to share it online (we don’t want that to happen) are taken, instead, to an “Apology” page where another video is played apologizing for their less-than-satisfactory experience and offering to try to “make things right”. The reviewer is asked for some additional details about their unsatisfactory experience with the assurance that a manager will address the problem quickly. They are also invited to call you to discuss their situation. This contact can really help ease friction and bad feelings that come from a not-so-good experience.

Customizable “Thank You” E-mail

Similar to the customizable “Thank You” web page the reviewer will also get an e-mail from you thanking them again for the great review and, again, asking them to share the review on one of the online review sites.

Customizable “Apology” E-mail

Similar to the customizable “Apology” web page the reviewer will also get an e-mail from you apologizing for the problem and, again, assuring him or her that you want to make things right.

Survey/Feedback Pages

When a customer, client, or patient clicks through on a link in a Review Request e-mail they are taken to a Survey/Feedback page. It’s here when that can be asked 1) to leave a review, 2) to answer a survey question(s), or 3) both review and survey. Reputation Advanced subscribers can have one review page which would typically ask for a review and would include one survey questions such as “On a scale of 1 to 5 how likely would you be to refer our business to a friend or colleague?” Reputation Domination allows you to have an unlimited number of Survey/Feedback Pages and they can be used in very specific ways such as identifying individuals from your current customer base that might be interested in a new service you’re thinking about offering. You can do just about anything with the Survey questions and we’ll help you construct and implement a plan to gain the most useful information possible from the multiple pages capabilities of the Reputation Domination subscription.

Employee Reputation Training Center

For Reputation Advanced and Domination subscribers there is an Employee Training Center that is built into the system. Here you can have your employees watch a series of short training videos about the importance of your firm’s online reputation and the role that each of them plays in growing and maintaining a 5-star reputation. At the end the employee is given a very simple set of questions (yes…an exam) to just make sure that he or she watched the videos. And you receive notice of the employee’s progress and exam score. It helps reinforce throughout your entire company the attention that needs to be given to customer service and how it can impact the health of your business.

Post Reviews To Social Media

For Reputation Domination subscribers we will market your growing 5-star online reputation. One of the ways this is done is by syndicating your great reviews to your social media accounts. Your reviews will be dripped out to your social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms where you have an account. We’ll even help you set up accounts where you don’t have one yet. It’s just a way of helping broadcast your reputation to all corners of the internet to increase your chances of being seen by your prospects.

Stream Reviews To Website

Reputation Domination subscribers have the option of having their great reviews stream automatically to their website. Again, this is optional and would take a little work by your webmaster. But we’ll supply a code that can be placed on your website that will “pull in” your great reviews for your website visitors to see.

Special Promotions To 5-Star Reviewers

This is for Reputation Domination subscribers only. It’s based on the reality that the people who leave you 5-star reviews are your “raving fans”. If it’s appropriate for your business you have the option of offering special promotions to these individuals. It’s not something that’s advertised up front (a business should NEVER offer an incentive for a good review) but can be done after-the-fact. This reinforces the bond between you and your raving fans.

Reputation Videos

Reputation Domination subscribers will receive a set of six custom-produced Reputation videos annually (approximately one every two months that you’re a subscriber). These professional videos shine a spotlight on one of your 5-star reviews. We will produce the videos, upload them to YouTube, and will optimize them so that when a prospect is searching for information about your firm he or she will see these videos. Here is a link to an example of a Reputation Video. Hyperlink – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO0raQjkqGQ

Manual Online Posting of Reviews

The reality is that for every 10 great reviews you get from your Review Request Campaigns only 4 of them (plus or minus) will be shared on one of the public review sites. And even of the 4 that are shared, we usually focus on the Big 3 – Google, Facebook, and Yelp. So this would leave you with a growing number of 5-star reviews in your private review portal that have not been shared online. For Reputation Domination subscribers we will take these reviews and manually post four of them per month on behalf of the reviewer on one of the public sites. Yes, in the Terms of Service the reviewer has granted you the right to post publically on their behalf. We post these review to specifically help in two situations. First, it helps to have reviews on ALL the public review sites, not just the Big 3. So we’ll drip your reviews to some of the other sites – Better Business Bureau, Yellowbook.com, SuperPages.com, etc. You’ll be covering all your bases this way. The other way we can use these is in the case where a dissatisfied customer goes straight to, say, Google and leaves a horrible 1-star review. You surely don’t want that review sitting there at the top of the list (Google usually displays reviews in reverse chronological order with the newest review at the top). So we would start dripping in your “reserve” reviews to Google (or whatever site the bad review is on) in order to push the bad review down the list. Again, it’s totally legitimate as 1) it’s a real review, not a fake one and 2) your reviewer has given you permission to do this.